Reese’s Vending Machine to Trade Candy This Halloween

Every year when it comes to trick-or-treating you always end up with a bunch of candy that sits around for a year before getting thrown out. This year Hershey is capitalzing on that.

In New York, from 4pm to 9pm at Washington Square Park there will be a vending machine that trades your unwanted candy for Reese’s cups!

A study done by Reese’s shows that 90% of people receive candy that they wish they could trade, and 4 of 5 said they would want to trade for a Reese’s. Now in one location; they can.

As for us in Jax, we have to trade candy the old fashioned way. Maybe throw in a Crunch bar with those smarties and dum dum to score the Reese’s.

Hey Hershey, we want a Reese’s trade-in vending machine too!

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