Mavericks Live Lives On

An agreement has been made between the owners of the Jacksonville Landing, and the owners of Mavericks Live to stop the eviction of Mavericks.

Mavericks Live was originally to be shut down on December 14th for having more than $40,000 in unpaid rent. Since their original lease ended, they had a month to month lease with the Landing, but after failing to pay their eviciton notice came in Novemeber.

The motion says that the Mavericks Live owners transferred funds to family members, or another third party to impede the Landing. However, through all of this an agreement has been made!

Weather Expected to Get Worse

There were warnings for a hard freeze this morning that was expected to close bridges. However, to commuters delight just after 7 a.m there were no reports of any bridge closures. The warning called for freezing wind chills, rain, and ice that could cause slippery road conditions.

The worst is supposed to come tonight going into Thursday morning. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid 20’s with a wind chill in the teens! If you have a flight booked leaving out of Jax make sure to keep an eye on that as cancellations are happening. On your morning commute, try to give yourself extra time due to the road conditions. Always protect your pets, plants, and pipes. Most importantly, be safe!

It’s Sir Ringo Starr To You

Ringo Starr and Barry Gibb of the Beegees will receive knighthood during Queen Elizabeth’s annual New Years Honours. Ringo was already knighted as a member of the beatles but is now joining Paul to be solo knighted. Now Paul no longer has to push for Ringo to become knighted, as he has jokingly said he’s done in the past.

Gibb, who was knighted with the rest of the Beegees in 2004, will be receiving the “Knights Bachelor” for his services to music and charity.

Marc Almond, Hugh Laurie, and Wiley were also named to the New Years Honour List.

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Changes to the Skyway

The Skyway is expected to run for another 4-5 years, during which the specifications will be develoepd for the new automated vehicles. The cost is unknown, but the concept right now is to take down all of the concrete beams that guide the Skyway trains in order to keep an entirely flat surface for the new automated vehicles.

Learn more about the process here!